First to Market Client Package

An expedited path to a Marketed Product


Discuss Product and Provide Sample

  • Once The Common Kitchen has been provided samples of your product; we will run a preliminary pH test and later use this sample as part of a commercial pH test.

  • This process will validate that your product is something that can be produced in our facility, if not we will try to direct you to another co-packer.

Sign NDA, Share Recipe, and Discuss Bottle Sizes and Options

  • We will review and discuss the product volume and recipe procedure to determine the appropriate size of bottle(s) and closure(s) to be used for your product.

  • Please scan and email copies. Duplicate copies will be signed and return copies sent per request.

Prepare Your Recipe, Convert to Weight

  • Recipes must be converted to grams and ounces; and as scaling up a recipe does not work by using volume, we want to make sure your product comes out the same every time.

  • In addition, our New Products Developer will start to source commercial grade ingredients for your product. Sample pricing can now be completed, however not final. It is a gauge to see where costs might be.

  • The initial recipe will/may be based off generic or non-brand name ingredients, if your recipe is brand specific, the cost difference will be reflected in the per bottle cost.

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Test Cook Inside Our Kitchen

  • At this point we are ready to do a small sample run to mimic what will happen in a larger production run. Your attendance may be required for the first test cook.

  • Normally commercial grade ingredients are more potent and may require some changes to make sure your product has the same flavor, and this allows us to make sure that we can complete the process in our facility, and taste translates over. It is very common when scaling a product up, for taste to change and we will take this time to tweak the recipe to make sure it is perfect for you.

Lab Testing

  • To make sure your product is shelf stable we will need to take 2 samples from separate batches of the same product to test the pH of the product. These will be taken to a commercial lab.

  • If the product is acidified, we will do a preliminary pH test. This will also be the second sample to be used for commercial pH test (the first sample provided will be the first sample sent for commercial testing).

Process Approval Through the State (if required)

  • If your product requires us to schedule a process approval explaining to the state the various kill stages to create your product.

Finalizing Recipe

  • Finalized recipe to be cleared by process authority (if necessary) and final pricing estimate for production.

Undersized Facility Run

  • We will use our facilities equipment to make a two-case run to ensure product quality and packaging integrity.

  • You will be able to keep the finished product from this undersized run and sell or sample it.


  • While finalized pricing is being completed, you can start to design and order your labels.

  • For your convenience we have a graphic designer to work with if you already do not have a label or graphic designer. If not using our graphic designer, we must proof the labels before they are printed.

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