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Steps to Begin Co-Packing with the Common Kitchen

(Some aspects below may require additional costs, See Pricing Sheet)

  1. Discuss Product Idea & Provide Available Sample
    • If you’ve got a sample we’d love to take a look and see what you’d like to have made. If product is acidified, we’ll run a preliminary pH test and later use this sample as part of commercial pH test.
    • Make sure that your product is something that can be produced in our facility, if not we will try to direct you to another co-packer.
  2. Sign NDA & Complete Customer Questionnaire
    • Please scan and email copies to
  3. Prepare your Recipe
    • Recipes must be converted to grams and ounces (where they are preferred). Scaling up a recipe does not work by using volume, and we want to make sure your product comes out the same every time. Note: Ask what is preferred if unsure.
    • At this point our New Products Developer will start to source commercial grade ingredients for your product.
    • Sample pricing can now be completed, however not final. It is a gauge to see where costs might be.
  4. Test cook inside our kitchen
    • At this point we are ready to do a small sample run to mimic what will happen in a larger production run. Your attendance may be required for the first test cook.
    • We will also take this time to tweak the recipe. Normally commercial grade ingredients are more potent and may require some changes to make sure your product has the same flavor.
    • If product is acidified, we’ll do a preliminary pH test. This will also be the 2nd sample to be used for commercial pH test.
  5. Finalizing Recipe
    • Finalized recipe to be cleared by process authority.
    • Present final pricing estimate for production.
  6. Labels
    • While finalized pricing is being completed, you can start to design and order your labels.
    • For your convenience we have a graphic designer to work with if you already do not have a label or graphic designer. If not using our graphic designer, we must proof the labels before they are printed.
  7. Undersized Facility Run
    • We will use our facility equipment to make a small batch to make sure everything will run smooth when we produce a full-sized run. You’ll be able to keep the finished product from this undersized run and sell it. Note: You may be present for the test production run.
  8. Production
    • At this point you are ready for production. You can start to place orders.